ROBLOX's fonts! (Pretty cool!)

Hey all! Recently I was messing around with my game and making TextLabels… I thought, what fonts are these? So I found them all! I don’t know why you would need this, maybe for art for games, but it’s pretty cool! (3.1 MB) (turns out nothing in here is copyrighted, wow!)



Yeah, uh, careful there. Fonts can be licensed and you could be using these unpermissively. Putting them out like this might encourage someone to use them, unbeknownst to the fact that using them could get them into trouble if they lack permission or a license.

Also, threads are public resources. Locking is only available to Leader trust level and public resources should not have responses locked.


Like @colbert2677 mentioned, you gotta seriously be careful when using fonts, as the creators of the font can charge you if you are profiting by using their fonts without permission.

It counts as copyright, and at anytime the copyright holder requests that you take it down, you need to do it.

As for ROBLOX’s fonts, I’m unsure if they are licensed by ROBLOX, or they are given permission to use it by another individual who created it, however I’d look more into that before posting it.


Yep, I won’t be using them, but just for people to know, I put out the fonts. And it’s from ROBLOX themselves, so I have no idea if their free-to-use. I’ve also labeled the post for that.

So everyone is aware, can you clarify where you’re sourcing your information from? It’s hard to know this is the case when there are no sources.

Also, this is very late, but this thread doesn’t belong in this category. It belongs in Community Resources and it shod be a fairly expansive thread. Cool Creations is for showcasing things you made. Recategorised it accordingly.