Roblox's in-game browser uses outdated internet technology

Reproduction Steps

  • Join any game in which the user does not have enough Robux to buy any product
  • Attempt to buy the item and get the following message


  • Press the Robux icon (could be clearer) and wait for a window to open like this

  • Observe the warning shown at the top

Expected Behavior
I would expect the webpage to use technologies that Roblox supports.

It picking the correct purchase option would be helpful but out of scope for this report.

Actual Behavior
The window warns that IE will not be supported by Roblox as of before this report.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Low
Frequency: Sometimes
Date First Experienced: 2021-06-09


I would want this to happen always, but are you sure you have Chrome/Firefox/etc installed? If not, I don’t think Roblox can simply install the browser and use it.

Perhaps this isn’t clear enough from my report but Roblox here is using a browser within the Roblox client.

Maybe if Roblox redirected to the default browser that could work but that’s out of scope for this report.


I think Roblox use IE browser even if you have another one as default.

Didn’t happen to me. I have a computer with Chrome, Firefox and I.E. installed but if I click that same prompt, it opens some sort of Firefox, because that warning won’t appear.

I use browser based on chromium and I still have this alert sign.

Happening to me as well. The Roblox client opens an IE window instead of a default browser window.

Does your account have Soothsayer permissions or does the client have Roblox Internal enabled.

I’ve only ever known OpenInBrowser to open the native browser if you have either of these settings, it’d be a bit weird if the regular client started doing this again since the behaviour is deprecated.

Or, Roblox might have enabled something in the latest update and I just missed it.

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This is native client with no adjustments present.

With windows you can embed an IE frame without non-windows or non-microsoft libraries like how you can use apple libraries to embed WebKit. Roblox would need to use CEF or just directly include WebKit/Quantum/Gecko/Blink8/Servo or any other browser engine in the source along with a js engine. CEF is just chromium but embeded so it includes javascript which roblox requires just like the built in WebViewer for windows apps is just IE but embeded.

Oh yeah, apps for windows 10 can use UWP to just use the non-chrome edge engine. The roblox windows player supports back to Windows 7

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It is because Roblox embes Internet Explorer into that window. Solution is using CEF instead.
For a billion dollar company, this should be easy to fix considering i made a CEF web browser before.
Or, roblox could just open the browser.