Roblox's Moderation Needs To Be Fixed

It was to house his community for his games and etc.

I wouldn’t call that rightfully banned because It’s pretty sad because the Roblox lawyer laughed at him and etc. He never uploaded or owned a condo discord server. That was the previous owner. He’s underage he was being laughed at by the Roblox lawyer that contacted him on the phone, he was crying along with his mom. I wouldn’t call none of that rightfully, I would call that shameful on Roblox and the lawyer for what they did. He had no knowledge or anything that it was a condo discord server and so what If he brought a discord server, he brought It to house his community for his games and etc. He was creating. Just for you to call that “rightfully banned”. He rebranded the whole entire Discord Server and everything. He never did anything, and he got rid of what the previous owner has done and also has screenshots too and etc. For proof too. But a document will be made, and I be sure to link It If you want me to with all the proof and everything.

It’s sad what Roblox is doing to him, mistaking him for the previous Owner of the Discord Server that did everything. He’s probably still doing It while they are mistaking my friend. They have got the wrong person and not the right person. He’s right now on the loose unpunished, not a cease-and-desist letter or anything for him to stop.

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I will link you two twitter posts and one google document on the situation that was made. One was made by Tivarie my friend that I’m talking about, and one was made by Ruben Sim to help Tivarie get attention from Roblox. It’s probably going to be like what happened to Ruben Sim too. Video and everything will be made. This is no little thing; this is a big thing.


It seems most of the time when u get a message from the ROBLOX appeals team, the message is most likely by a bot. every time the name shuffles so that they appear as a different person, and yeah. it’s likely that they will say no because it is a default message, unless you meet the real moderators.

Yeah roblox moderation needs to be fixed as well as anti cheat
I seen too many hackers not getting banned
recently i saw hackers in mm2
one of them was in a main account and still did not get banned and for some reason i remember their username
hackers user? fran7u7setsi
report them if you want but it probably won’t work
hopefully a moderator see this and right fully banned this user


Roblox did announce a anti-cheat a few months ago and saying that it will be coming “in the comings months” Welcoming Byfron to Roblox

We haven’t gotten any updates on it since October though.

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Hopefully anti cheat is added soon

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One thing I forgot to mention is that reporting has been incredibly broken for years and is rarely gonna get anybody banned. It’s still worth trying but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.

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Reporting does work if you swear in game or make a sussy game
Reporting rarely for hackers or other people because they can get away with it

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Don’t change your status or any section in your profile:

So, what I did, was I changed the “Tell People About Yourself” section in my profile. Now my username is literally moderated.

I feel like Roblox should switch to bots to do this for us because human moderators are rebelling or something over there.

Luckily, it was just a warning, but I’d assume my channel link was removed from my profile, which is quite annoying. From now on, I’ll probably not add anything to my profile.


This is the reason why I avoid the roblox chat.

It wasn’t in the chat.

The chat is even more safe.

People started putting their discord tag in their profile without the hashtag, so your name probably got seen as a Discord tag because of the username and the four numbers after. Along with that, Youtube links aren’t allowed in your profile bio afaik; they must go in the social links in your settings.

The YT link was in my profile’s social settings.

I didn’t even say my name in chat. Where could they possibly have moderated it?

This Is why I don’t add discord or youtube to my profile lol
I know it’s easier for people to find you but the hard truth is that roblox mods don’t care about links
Many roblox usernames are censored which is pretty annoying I Agree that roblox mod should be fixed

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I didn’t add it recently, it was there for years before. I don’t even think that it is a viable field for moderation either.

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My bad, I replied to the wrong message

I’m honestly tired of Roblox’s poor moderation every time I try to upload a Car sound or Texture to my game Within 5 seconds I get kicked off studio then I go to the website and get “You’ve been banned for Violating TOS” and it procceeds to tell me my Audio or Image Is harmful. How game developers supposed to Create games when you can barely even import your own assets? IDK what to do at this point really. I have this issue every month at least without fail. I’m so sick of Roblox at this point I’m half tempted to leave. I already started working on my game in UE5 but its so hard to learn which is why I wish I could just finish my game on Roblox I’m just so much more comfortable in Roblox Studio and I have over 10 years experience. Roblox keeps pushing me everytime I get banned for assets being “Harmful”. I got a 1 day ban from uploading A CAR SOUND.

Not to Mention when Submitted the Appeals form hours ago I got no response, so I sent another one Just a few minutes ago. Still nothing… Roblox is such a joke at this point.


Thats what I mean, even if it’s been there for years it can still affect your account a great example is copyrighted clothing there not really a way to get rid of it unless you appeal to roblox which still is unlikely that they will remove it

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My VC was suspended because I apparently said something that was against the community standards. Even though I have disabled my microphone access to Roblox VC.


Prior to this incident, I was playing a game with my friends and a group of players came to harass us by yelling profanities and racial slurs. I muted them all, but my friend heard them saying they were going to mass report us. Apparently this is a way to get people suspended from VC, because automatic moderation takes action when a player gets mass reported.

I even asked about what I said, and I explained that my microphone has always been disabled. “Even if someone makes a report, as long as the person is not breaking the rules, their account will not be moderated”. yet, my account has been moderated for something that I couldn’t even do.


Forget making a game that was on the front page, and forget that I had the verified badge on Roblox. Reputation doesn’t matter to “employees”, they’re only working to make money. They don’t care about how valuable your account is, or how Roblox literally pays your bills to live; even if developers like us, are the backbone of the whole entire website, and the sole reason why those employees even have a job. They will terminate you for just about anything, as long as they make that salary.