Roblox's Moderation on WW2 Japan (Empire of Japan)

I’ve recently been planning on creating an Empire of Japan group, as well as a game for it. I’ve noticed some WW2 Era Japan groups get terminated (the holder account of the group), and some not. So I’m unsure as to if ROBLOX prohibits these types of groups or not.

If someone could clear this up for me I’d really appreciate it since I’m really not sure as to how ROBLOX views these types of groups/games.


Pretty sure they will terminate something related to war since Imperial Japan did some really not good things to people and other race. So most likely they going to terminate something that is related to that. I really doubt they won’t back down. But you can use the Imperial Japan flag.

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I think your chances of not getting banned are slim. FPS games set in WW2 with Japan as a playable team of course don’t get banned, but military group games where you actively roleplay being a Japanese soldier during that time will definitely get you banned. If you wanna take your chances, though, I’d suggest just taking out as much WW2 out of it as possible, whilst keeping the time frame(aka don’t use imperial flag, despite the fact its usage isn’t bannable in itself). If you just make the game practically a reskined U.S army group(don’t glorify the Japanese sentiment and beliefs on war, etc), I think it’ll last.