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RoBooks - Learn LUAU, Interactively

RoBooks is an interactive Roblox game and website which aims to give you a better understanding of LUAU and scripting in Roblox.

Why Use RoBooks?

RoBooks is aimed at beginners and attempts to fill the void created by text-based documentation and videos. One of the big missing things from these learning methods is the practice portion which is provided by our interactive Roblox game.

How do I use RoBooks effectively?

RoBooks comes with a static website that provides lessons and documentation that explains each chapter. After you read the chapter, you should complete the corresponding questions in our Roblox game.


  • RoBooks is my interpretation of the LUAU language and should be used as an additional resource if needed.

  • Only 3 Chapters currently exist, with many more on the way.

  • RoBooks is not finished and it should be expected to have many bugs and typos. If any of these are found, please let me know.


Version 1.1 (1/8/2022)
  • Added Chapter 4 website material.
  • Added Two Chapter 4 Practice Problems to Interactive Game.

Great concept, but the Website makes my eye a little teary, it needs a dark mode…

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nc, I like how you themed around the yellow color

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That was a very enjoyable experience ! :smiley:
Good luck on your project RoBooks!!

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on the website here are some design tips for it:

  1. make all the fonts the same
  2. clean up the navigation of the lessons
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Hi, thanks for the feedback. Definitely going to be adding a dark mode option soon.

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Hi, thanks for this feedback. Going to be adding these changes soon.


Here are a few suggestions to improve it:

    1. It’s not necessary to make the logo clickable that makes you go back the way up.
    1. Besides that, I don’t like how you made those tiny spaces in the sides, It’s strange to see. Therefore, I would suggest you do this type of formatting:

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Hi, thank you for the feedback.

However, can you describe what you mean by the tiny spaces in the sides?

Do you mean this?

Could you also change the font, and make the tutorial more clear? Because your basically telling them that


Will work, like here’s an example of a proper way.

Printing syntax
You might notice that when you create a new script, you will see “print(“Hello world!”)”, It will print “Hello world!” In the output, to do the same thing as that code did , follow the following steps, First clear the script and write “print()”, now click inside the two brackets( the “()”) , and write ", you might notice it automatically wrote two quotes, that was intended, ok now write whatever you want and this should be your code.


Now it prints what you wrote in the 2 quotes , this is useful in debugging which we will learn very later.

Okay, you can write however you want but be more clear


This is a good tutorial, thank you!

However, I meant to only introduce the syntax of using “print”. I wanted to teach these things later on. For, example, later in the chapter, you learn what strings are. Your way works, but personally, I like to understand what is happening and not just be thrown into things. A beginner would not know what the quotations mean and that is what the other sections of the chapter are for.

I will definitely be updating the tutorial, however, to be more clear.

I feel as if the use of a Roblox game and the website is a bit redundant when you can just make the website have the interaction on it? This has been done many different times on many different sites.

I feel like redirecting someone to the Roblox place rather than just incorporating an online interactive tutorial really takes a lot off from this.

Still good though, besides some minor disorganization in places.

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The UI needs to be updated, it looks very 90’s internet style, which is not exactly a good thing.

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Hi, thank you for the feedback.

Yes, I completely agree with you. However, having a separate game seemed like the most cost-effective way to create the practice problems. If it wasn’t for that, I would totally prefer it completely on-site.

Hi. Thank you for the feedback.

I do agree, I am not very good at UI design. Before I can go about updating it, can you refer to which UI you are referring to? Do you mean the website or the game (or both)? This feedback is really helpful and I do appreciate it.

Site Update

Version 1.1:
  • As per the request of @loopisdedz, a dark mode option has been added. To toggle dark mode, find the button in the top right corner and click it
  • Chapter 4 material has been added.
  • Chapter 5 partially added
  • Updated fonts
  • Re-worded some material
  • Updated text-format of some items, including highlighting.

Please let me know if you have any other feedback. Feedback is greatly appreciated and helps me improve the learning experience.


Great, thanks for taking the feedback!

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Sorry for late reply. mainly the website, even a font change can make a big difference.

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