Robot arm system: how to make end connect to a model?

I recently made a functional robotic arm that has two arm segments and can rotate to increase mobility and it’s overall potential. It’s loosely based off of the International Space Station’s (ISS) “Canadarm1” which is used to ease docking of incoming spacecraft, mainly resupply pods. It does this by connecting to an exterior segment and then positions the spacecraft to properly dock.

I will need to figure out docking also, but could hopefully use the same idea of group connectivity to figure that out later on. What I need help with is figuring out a way to script a piece at the end of the arm which, when a certain distance, let’s say .1 studs or so, to a female adapter on a model. I don’t know the most effective way to do this, I assume welding parts is one possibility but I still don’t know how to properly set that up.

Please note that I recognize I will likely have some difficulties with making this all in a low-gravity simulator, but for now, I want to get a working version with Roblox’s existing gravity. My main focus is making a functional end piece, not to make it most effective for weight-bearing. I think I can handle that on my own and can always look at existing posts/start a new topic if I can’t figure that out later on.

Summarized question
How can I most efficiently script an end piece that is able to connect/disconnect to a model in order to move it?

Here’s the current arm. I’ve also included reference photos of the ISS Canadarm connected to a spacecraft.

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