Rob's Guide to Insert Wars Remade

As you may know with my latest game, Insert Wars Remade, you are able to insert any free model from the Roblox library. From black holes to giant snakes, anything goes in this game. With this guide, you can learn commands, and other information for developers.

Currently, the model loader does not support UnionOperation instances.

READ the following rules. If you say “you didn’t know the rules”, we are still banning you.

1:: Do not insert any inappropriate models. If seen, YOU WILL GET A PERMANENT BAN FROM ALL INSERT WARS GAMES. NO EXCEPTIONS. This violates roblox TOS, and the inappropriate model being inserted will also be banned from being inserted.

2:: Do not exploit or hack in any way. This will result in permanent ban.

3:: Don’t spawnkill or disallow players from playing the game such as loop killing or banning. You will get atleast 1-2 days ban.

4:: Admin scripts and tools are allowed, but do not abuse them in any way such as loop killing people.

Normal Commands
Here is a list of commands you can use in-game.

‘-clean’ or ‘-voteclean’ - Allows you to vote to clean the server. More than half of the players in a server must vote in order to clean the server. Sometimes the game will break by not letting you insert any models. This command fixes this issue.

‘-speed number’ - Allows you to set your walking speed.

‘-re’ - Allows you to respawn/refresh your character.

‘-ff’ - Gives your player a forcefield to hopefully make you invincible.

‘-unff’ - Removes forcefields your character has.

‘-fixcam’ - Fixes your camera if it is broken.

‘-baseplate’ - Refreshes the baseplate incase it is destroyed or modified.

Special Commands

‘-forceclean’ - If you own the gamepass, it allows you to immediately clean the server without voting. You can also use these on VIP servers and insert world servers you own, but cannot be used in insert worlds you do not own.

‘-newworld’ - Creates a new insert world by you. The first world you create is free, but the rest will cost 75 robux.

‘-deleteworld’ - Deletes the insert world. Can only be used by the insert world owner. If used, it will not prompt you if you want to delete it, and will immediately delete the world. Please be wary.

‘-kick playername’ - Allows you to kick a player. Can only be used in VIP and insert world servers by the owners of the server.

‘-save’ - Allows you to save the current state of an insert world server. Can only be used by the owner of the insert world.

‘-config’ - Allows you to configure the insert world server you are in, popping up a GUI. Can only be used if you own the insert world.

‘-allow playername’ - Can only be used by the owner of the insert world. If the player is in the server, it allows them to use the insert tool and building tool. By default, everyone is allowed to use insert tools and building tools. Chatting ‘-allow none’ makes sure that everyone else but the owner can use the insert tool. However, chatting ‘-allow all’ allows everyone to use the insert tool.

‘-unallow playername’ - Can only be used by the owner of the insert world. This is the opposite of allowing. It removes someone’s power to use the insert tool and building tool.

‘-nb’ - Removes the baseplate. Can only be used in an insert world, by an insert world owner.

‘-hub’ - Teleports the player back from an insert world to a normal server.

Insert Worlds
Insert Worlds are a version of VIP servers that allow you to save them. To create an insert world, chat ‘-newworld’. To view a list of all insert worlds, chat ‘-worlds’.
Once in an insert world that you own, you can kick, save, forceclean, and use other special commands that you wouldn’t be able to use in normal servers. By default, Insert Worlds are public, and everyone has access to the insert tool and building tools.
Unlike a VIP server, it costs free at first when you do not own an insert world. However, if you would like to own 2 or more, it will cost 75 robux each.

The Script Builder
Although the main purpose of the game is to insert models, I have added the ability to support running your own scripts within the insert tool. By using the execute tab, you can execute and run scripts and localscripts for your own uses. If you have a script that is supported by voidacity script builder, paste the link in the execute text box, select the script mode the script tells you to run on, for example h/ is script and hl/ is localscript, and click execute. It should work, however some scripts may not run functionally due to the sandbox.

The Sandbox
This section will be mainly directed towards scripters and developers.
Because of the many viruses and malicious code that are in models, I have added a very restricted sandbox. The reason why is because most of the models being inserted are usually simple models without advanced code. As for requiring module scripts, I have disallowed use for requiring IDs.

In the sandbox, there is a list of instances to protect it from being indexed, changed, or anything else. These are called Root Parts. This includes services, scripts, models, and other important files.
Here is a list of services you cannot access.

  • HttpService
  • StarterPlayer
  • StarterScript
  • StarterGui
  • TeleportService
  • BadgeService
  • MarketplaceService
  • ServerScriptService
  • DataStoreService
  • AssetService

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why isn’t my model loading in?
A: Make sure to uncopylock your model. To uncopylock your model, configure it, scroll down, and enable “Allow Copying.” Make sure to do this with your model, as it allows the model loader to load the model in.

Q: When I load in a model, some parts are invisible for some reason.
A: The reason this is happening is that the model loader does not fully Union Parts. Unions parts are a special type of instance that consists of a combination of parts. When a union is inside a model, the model loader cannot load it in properly, as such it appears as an invisible block.

Q: My model works in Roblox Studio, but does not work in-game. Why is that?
A: The most likely reason it is not working in-game is that it is not FE compatible. However, if you are sure that it is FE compatible, then another reason would be because the sandbox is blocking it. If so, check your script if it is accessing a service that it shouldn’t, or modifying something it shouldn’t.

Q: Why does the game lag so much?
A: It is mostly because of the models being inserted into the game. Some models have viruses in them which lag the game, but others could be resource intensive and have a lot of scripts that could slow down the game. There is no fix for this other than deleting the scripts that slow down the game, but it could take the fun and chaos away. If you cannot bear the lag, you could purchase a VIP server, which costs only 10 robux. You could also purchase an insert world, which is free when you do not own an Insert World. They cost 75 robux afterwards.

Q: Why does the game say “Model Could Not Be Loaded” for every model at certain times?
A: This sometimes occurs when the web server occurs a memory leak. You can fix this by cleaning, and will fix the issue.


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