Robux counterfeiting factory idea - would you play this and is it against the ToS?

Hi everyone,

I just had a magnificent game idea, and I’m going to try to keep it secretive here, but while also explaining why I made this post.

My game idea is: (pretty much) “You are based in a Robux Counterfeiting Factory, and your job is to follow instructions given to you on a clipboard (such as “Recycle Ripped/Torn bills”), while also sorting the Robux into “Pass” or “Recycle”. As the game progresses, so do your tasks, and the amount of bills being produced.”

My main question is, would this pass TOS? I’m asking because I know that games with “Robux” in the title usually don’t play well with the site/mods, and I recently saw a post about how your game can now get “demoted” from showing in search results due to the fact that you used a bad keyword in your title/description.

My second question is: would you play this? All answers would help me determine if I should start developing the game, and how many people would play, as this game will be focused towards the older audiences of ROBLOX.

Please answer:

  • I would live off of this game (play it daily)
  • I would play this game every once and a while
  • I would play this game just to try it out.
  • I wouldn’t play this game, but I might recommend it to a friend
  • I wouldn’t play this game, and I would not recommend it to a friend

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This game isn’t against TOS. It might get demoted in the search results because of its name, but the game itself isn’t bad. It’s a neat idea and I would like to play it, you just might want to change the name.

Thanks for your reply,

Thats what I was thinking (the name change part). I want to call it something like “Counter-efficient” or something with counter in the name that would neatly reflect the gameplay.


Letting you know that I’ve changed the title so your game idea is available in the title as opposed to needing readers to click on your thread to understand what “my game” refers to (from the old title, “Does my game fit ToS/would you play it”).

Thanks, should have caught it.