Robux Giveaway and Moderation question

So a few years ago I used to do robux giveaway but a few weeks after the giveaway my last account got terminated and now there’s a game called “Pls donate” and there are still a lot of games that similar to do that where people donated hundred thousand or even millions of robux.

I feel the unfairness because I’ve gotten terminated about 2 times
First time is for giving away robux and it’s isn’t a scam because the people literally took a screenshot of it
Second time is where I tried to upload obby game and then a few minutes after I uploaded the game I got terminated due to “Participating in inappropriate behavior” and it’s just an obby with roblox default part, no script, no image.

And when I tried to appeal my account they denied it even though I put a lot of evidence that I didn’t do anything wrong

So can anyone tell me what roblox moderation wants from terminating people for false reason because of those accident I’m scared to buy more robux.