[Robux] Looking for Map builder for simulator game!

Hi there! I am BYTE00, developer for High School Life and several other experiences.


I am looking for builders who are available to work immediately. The style I am primarily looking for is low detail/poly. You will be making large maps for a simulator game where players work to grow in size.

You may also be commissioned to work for the following games:

* Roblox Fashion Show
* High School Life
…and more


You will be paid in robux via group payouts. If you’re interested, please message me showing previous work and also how much you charge. I don’t have a budget, or a limit, so I am open to negotiating and listening to what you think is fair for your work.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or through Twitter

Please show prior work or you may receive a delayed response.

Thanks for reading!
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