Robux Revenue owned by an account?

Alright so I have a game called millionaire simulator - Millionaire - Roblox

The game is owned by me, not a group. The question is, how and where do I find the robux revenue for the group, and where does the product sales go to? Does it automatically go to my account?, does it go to a group that I know? I don’t know where it goes to, so can someone help me out? Also, can I pay funds or give % directly from the game, or what?

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If all the in-game items such as Game Passes, Developer Products, or Shirts are made by you, all the purchases of those items made will earn you Robux. Any other items made by other people will give you a cut from the revenue made for that item alone. Click here for more information about Group Clothing, Revenue Management, and Payouts.

update: I’m not sure if this is true but I believe you get a 40% cut from anything bought in your experiences that are not made by you.


Thanks! Really got me out of the struggle haha.


You should look here