Rock-Paper-Scissors Wagers: Gambling or not?

From what I’ve heard, gambling is defined as a wager on a game of chance.

Is Rock-Paper-Scissors a game of chance? And, even if it is not, would Roblox be disapproving of wagers contingent on it involving Robux-purchased currency? Assume that it is players against other players only so no random number generators or AI would be involved.

I would see it as gambling, considering that players are pitching in some form of currency (with odds of gaining more or losing it all) and the game itself is based on chance. It’s a fuzzy topic of debate but I personally think that the only good having players play against each other instead of an RNG does is eliminate any suspicion that the developer could be programming unfair odds.

It’s as much gambling as betting on whether a coin lands heads or tails (unless your adversary is a deterministic/biased agent and you are able to predict or accurately expect their next move)

Theoretically, on a large scale of many games, humans tend to be biased in the sequences of moves they make, and some basic pattern recognition can predict a human’s next move and win about twice as often as if it were making random guesses. In this sense there is a component of skill, but it is still heavily influenced by randomness. The optimal player plays randomly.

I personally would view it as gamblimg…It’d be different if it was just a friendly game where you didn’t gain or lose anything. But of course you could still say how many times you’ve won/lost.

Which I actually took down my Heads or Tails game I made because you had to put 1 credit down to play and you’d gain 2 if you won…which is gambling.

In short: If you can win or lose currency on it, yes, it’s gambling.

You are not allowed to give chance-based rewards where the player can lose something for playing. If you have a chance-based rewards system, the player must always end with the same or more than they started with.

I’m sure that Roblox would consider betting to fall under the definition of “chance-based rewards”.

To make betting safe for the platform, players cannot actually spend anything to bet. Players can receive rewards based on how correct their guesses were, but making guesses has to be free, otherwise the player can lose.

One example of such a system is one where all players always receive a base of 10 coins for playing for free. Players can then bet multipliers. If a player wins with an x2 multiplier, they get 20 coins instead of 10. If a player loses with an x2 multiplier, they get 5 coins instead of 10. This lets players “win” and “lose” – but since the player is always gaining something in the end and the game is free, it’s okay by the Roblox rules.

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Gambling isn’t specific to games of chance, think of fantasy football leagues and people betting on horse races. At it’s core it’s exactly the same as rolling dice or playing a game of poker. Gambling can take place at any time you risk something (like money) hoping to get more of it.

I would stay away from anything gambling related, even if it is allowed by Roblox. There’s a reason you’re required to be 18 or 21 to gamble. Many many people become addicted to gambling and it’s a hard habit to shake. You don’t want to be the one introducing that to young children.

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Good question, hard to answer.

Would a Sword Fighting Game be considered Gambling if the Player had to spend 50 In Game Currency to Find a Match and in the end the Winning player will receive 100 In Game Currency(50 from Player 1 and 50 from Player 2) , so the Winner gains 50 In Game Currency, while the Loser losses 50 In Game Currency?

In my on Definition of Gambling is when you Risk an Asset to gain more value or loose everything.
In other words, when you use a Slot Machine you either loose your money or get more money from it.

If I were you I wouldn’t get involved with wagers.
I feel like it’s no different than Placing a bet on a Horse or Boxing NPC.

Unless if the player get’s x2 of what they placed when they pick the winning side & get back 100% of what they placed when they pick the loosing side, it might not be considered Gambling because you aren’t loosing anything.