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Hello there! Welcome to Rocket Cart’s Official Community Information.

While reading this, be sure to check out the In-game Code of Conduct first before looking at other sections.

:video_game: Game Link

  • [link to be added]
Why isn't Dandan's game one of the game links?

On January 2021, DandanPH gave me permission to continue the development of Rocket Cart in his game. A few years later (February 2023), he told me on discord that he would transfer the ownership of his RC game to me, which he never did, not to mention, I’d have to recreate his game under my name in order to continue further developments of Rocket Cart.

Table of Contents

  • In-game Community Rules
  • FortuneX Code of Conduct

:hammer::construction_worker_man: Developers

@DandanPH - Founder
@trzistan - Co-developer of Rocket Cart since January 2021