Rocket Isnt Directly going Upwards

So this is what I am using to shoot up my rocket

local Velocity ="BodyVelocity", handle)
		Velocity.MaxForce =,1,1) * 100000;
		Velocity.Velocity =,1,1) * player.Character:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart").CFrame.Y * math.random(30,50) 

but instead of going directly upwards its going like this

can anyone help me?

Do you want the rocket to go straight up? Why are you multiplying by the player’s Y height? Make sure to set the values to 0 if you don’t want thoses values getting multiplied!

Velocity.Velocity =,math.random(30,50),0)

You’re multiplying all the Vector3 values by the player’s Y position number (which I don’t understand why you are doing) and then by a random value from 30 to 50, since all the vector values are one they are all going to be multiplied, causing you to have a Vector3 that looks something like this (x,x,x) when what you want is (0,x,0) hopefully that explains it!

Thanks this helped and I don’t even know why I did some things there like this I basically just used code from another script I did but yea this helped thanks

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