Rocket Rumble - Update Log

Official Changelog for Rocket Rumble
Brought to you by Arctus Studios

Devs Twitter: @equistonic


Rocket Rumble is a free-for-all rocket launcher frenzy! The whole game is progression-based; the more you play, the more you unlock! Combine different types of Rockets with different types of Launchers to create your ideal setup! Then, slap on a skin and you have a fully customized loadout! Now go blow up your friends, what are you waiting for?

Active Codes:
AlphaBlast -> Exclusive Alpha Rocket Skin and Alpha Launcher Skin
Latest Update:
Update 1.0a - Initial Release

Initial Alpha Release of Rocket Rumble


  • Half a dozen Rocket types and Launcher types
  • Over a dozen different Rocket and Launcher Skins
  • Single Map
  • Up to 12-player games
  • Barrels that explode (because why would you not want more explosions?)
  • Working loadout menu
  • Working codes menu
  • And more :slight_smile:

Past Updates:
Update 2.0 - Sometime Early to Mid-December
  • Timed Match System
  • More Maps
  • Out of Alpha
  • Winter Event - The Game’s first ever event