Rocket Sounds Moderated

Hi there. Me and my friend have some rocket sounds from the SpaceX Sn10 launch to add to our game. These got moderated and we cant get them back. We submitted a support ticket to try and get a person to verify them but they still think that they are inappropriate. As seen in this image:

I made a video of the game and added the sounds while editing. As seen here: Buster Industries Starship Simulation (Quite Loud) - YouTube

The sounds are of course, without the music. I understand that they are loud and muffled but they need to be to sound real. Is there any way that we can get these back or at least change the audio so that it will be accepted? I don’t see how even a person thinks that this is inappropriate. They know it’s a rocket countdown and sounds because it clearly counts down lol. If this is in the wrong category let me know. It said sounds on it so I chose it. Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


I think it’s a bot the bot might think the sounds are something “Y’know” roblox has bad customer support, so you cant do much about it in my opinion if it was Epic Games or Rockstar or something you probably would but roblox I dont think so but nothing wrong with trying

I think it could be the loudness, I can’t find the rule, but I remember that audio cannot be extremely loud. (correct me if I’m wrong)

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Alright. I’ll try and make them a bit quieter and see what happens. Thanks

Message this group about the existing, moderated sounds instead for future references, if you have questions of why your asset was moderated or if you believe your asset was moderated incorrectly:

Alrighty! I’ll try making it quieter first and then if that gets moderated then I’ll take a look! Thanks

Hi again. I turned it down but it still got moderated and I got a warning for it lol. I’ve submitted a ticket like what @Operatik said to do. I did this last time and they did nothing but hopefully this time they can help in some way. Thanks everyone!

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