Rocket Tester Revamp: Information

Hello! And welcome to the 6th and final instalment (for now) in the RT development blog. In today’s issue, we take time to explain the revamp in the most detail then we have ever done before. From the development team, we hope you enjoy this newest instalment, and look forward to seeing you when we return with more to show.

Revamp Gameplay Rocket Tester has always been a very simplistic game. Having formed in 2015, it was coming off the back of popular “ ride a rocket into space ” game(s). RT revolutionized this concept by giving the player a wide arrange of rockets and locations to choose from. This amount of player choice and freedom is what gives RT’s it unique flavour of gameplay. Ever since then, RT has revolutionized the space genre, paving the way for newer and more bigger games. Our legacy having been preserved throughout time.
However, as we began this revamp, we quickly realized that the classic RT experience could not stay the same. By simply updating the visuals and models alone, we would be driving RT into development suicide. It would fail to compete and supersede other mainline space games.
In order to achieve this, us at the development team have redone RT’s gameplay from the ground up. The first step in achieving this was to make Rocket Tester a more interactive and prolonged. Heres a list of everything we have done to make the Rocket Tester experience the best space experience on Roblox:

TECH TREES Rockets are no longer unlocked in a straight line. Instead they’re all unlocked in a tech tree split by different countries and rocket types.

Redone point gain Research points have been wiped and completely redone. While this may upset many players, we feel that everyone should be given a fair and even experience when it comes to the Revamp. POINTS WILL BE WIPED , this is to prevent players from “spawning a shuttle once, and never coming back to the game”. The Revamp has had almost a year’s worth of time and effort put into its models. It is our belief that every player should unlock each of these incredible new models instead of having them all available at day one. However player ranks and game passes will still be unlocked after the revamp.
Points gain has also been nerfed, bases no longer produce insane amounts in a few seconds.
Point gain is now an interactive experience, requiring you to be active in order to gain it.

Surface Experiments Surface experiments are a form of deployable equipment that can be used to gain research. The amount of research gained is entirely dependent of the location and time on the surface.

Manual Landings Manual landings are a feature that we hope to innovate with the revamp. This is an optional feature which allows for pinpoint landings on any of the new planets.

Space Suits This is probably the most requested feature in RT. SPACE SUITS . Space suits are a uniquely new feature to RT. These suits will serve a utilities when it comes to conducting orbital EVAs and Surface explorations.
A7L series

  • A7L (Apollo 11-12, no helmet LEVA)
  • A7L (Apollo 13-14, LEVA attachment)
  • A7L, Commander’s Stripes

Orlan Series

  • Lunar Orlan
  • Orlan-D
  • Orlan-MKS


Roll Programs A minor change, but a welcome one. All rockets will execute their proper take off procedures as they do in the real world. That means no more 90° ascent angles.

Minor features

  • Re-entry effects
  • Music
  • Fixed aircraft controls
  • New GUI and main menu
  • TREES!!! (
  • Mission audio
  • Fixed gravity
  • Fixed equipment
  • New station building interface
  • Realistic EVAs
  • Suit mounted flashlights
  • Day & night cycles

RT planets Designing RT planets was ultimately a difficult task to overcome. The design objectives was to create an environment that was realistic, yet fun to explore. After carefully researching each of the planets featured in the Revamp, I can confidently say that the surfaces of the RT planets are some of the most realistic environments found on roblox. Each environment is crafted using 1:1 orbital data, ensuring a definitive experience. Everything you see on the planets exists in the real world, we’ve seen and been there. These planets are NOT infinite , as infinite terrain generation would not produce real world locations. However, these planets are not small. From end to end, they stretch for kilometers, making players and landers look like microscopic specks in the distance. In the revamp, you’re free to explore on these new alien environments that lay ahead.


  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Moon

  • Mars
  • Ceres
  • Io
  • Europa

  • Ganymede
  • Callisto

  • Saturn

  • Titan
  • Enceladus

  • Titania
  • Oberon
  • Triton
  • Pluto
  • Charon

Dev blogs and update teasers will resume when we have more to showcase, see you soon!


Quick little question? Would building bases on these planets still be possible?

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Yes, base building will stay with the revamp. However in a newer more exciting form…we are still deciding how it’ll be though.


As someone who has been playing RT since 2018, I can say that I have feeling like, it will be more than a revamp. From my point of view it will be for most of peoples completely new experience and I can just wait on this day when I’ll say: waiting on that was worth of it. I wish success whole developer team and I will still keep waiting to day when they’re can show this up what they done.


This looks truly amazing. While I am a little frustrated about the point wipe, I know it’s for a reason. I can’t wait for this to come out. Godspeed, RT Team.

Out of curiosity, are you planning to redo the UI of the game with your revamp? From the looks of it, the existing UI would be a massive, glaring contrast to the detail and aesthetic of the revamp, with it currently being solid colors without using any real standard system (Such as Microsoft’s Fluent UI or Google’s Material UI). If not, are there any changes coming to it to accommodate the changes outlined in your dev blogs to date?

The revamped UI system will aim to make the game more interactive yet more accessible for newer players. While it hasnt be unveiled as of yet, the new UI is much cleaner then of the current system. We’re also looking at implementing a brand new main menu that appears upon starting the game


Quick question, will this experience be for paid access only, or…

No, the revamp is replacing the current game as we know it and will be free


I’d say make it that people can decide how they make a base their own and maybe add different blueprints the game selects for you in the shop. It’s a bit like Bloxburg house building and Rocitizens house building combined. I hope you know what i mean.