Rocketship Simulator Logo Feedback

Hello! Can you please tell me how I did and how I can improve?


Pretty Good, the GFX look really nice and well made… I also like the Pocodot on the GFX Sign. job well done keep up the good work, @Annexsohn.

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Thank you so much! & Is it called GFX? I thought it was like a 2d Logo.

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it is to big to be a logo for my taste in your GFX

What Stuff Did You Use To Make That?

I just used normal Photoshop, and some Hue effects.

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Oh Cool im Pretty Bad With Photoshop But i Use its Easy.

Yeah i dont use I think photoshop is better has can do allot more stuff that doesnt have.

Cute and simple, I love it! Excellent work!

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Yep. ur right :sweat_smile: but it’s Pretty Difficult for me

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Your logo look perfect! Keep it up!

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True i agree but its kinda hard to Learn.