Rocks and stuff (DRAWING)

Did you know you can convert your paper drawings into digital drawings?

Well you can and I used (im not endorsed by them) to convert a “realistic” rock drawing that I drew into a cool digital image

And btw the rock was based off a random rock I found original so it’s original :+1:

Before :unamused:

I mean it still looks realistic but y’know it’s kinda boring

After :exploding_head:

10x cooler and you can actually put it in your game

the above is free to use (no credit required)

And if you’re wondering, I removed the outline of the rock (which makes it look less realistic) and the background with Magic Eraser (it’s an app)

and im not endorsed by them either btw

You can probably see a bunch of weird edges and that’s because I erased stuff myself so y’know, human error

Don’t think just this one asset will make it worth making a whole #resources:community-resources post, so why not just post here… right?

alright to stay relevant I guess I’ll accept feedback

Which one looks better?

  • Paper Drawing
  • Digital Drawing

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This feature looks cool! Does it only do rocks, or can it do other things too?

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It should be able to turn really anything into a vectorized image! I just used a drawing so I’d be able to customize the rock with a couple extra details.

Now I think I should mention that this program is for making images have the same quality even after being scaled. It just creates shapes (geometry) and sorta replaces stuff