RoEncode v1.0, a Simple Encryption Module

RoEncode :lock: is an open-sourced encryption system for the use of making in-game puzzles, admin panel accounts, and more…
(Please note that this is not for server <—> client communication)

How to Operate

We’ve made it a simple-to-use module for developers, the following functions that can be used are:

local Example= "Hi"

1: local EncryptCode = RoEncode:Encode(Example) returns “|17|18|”
2: local DecryptCode = RoEncode:Decode(EncryptCode) returns “Hi”

Basically you can grab the string you want for it to encrypt, you can then decrypt the code (return it back to its former-state) by doing such:

local GetMyCodeBackPls = RoEncode:Decode(EncryptCode)

How it works?

When encrypting the string/variable, each character of the string is converted into a number, and when decrypting the string/variable it will be set back to its original state, characters. When running the Encode/Decode functions, the module returns a string value. This simplifies encrypting data because you can make a variable, call the function in it, and print the variable!

Just give me the module link

Hold your horses, make sure you read how it works, here it is: RoEncode - Roblox.

What we have planned

We are currently working on more methods to encrypt your data. Some of these systems will be added to a Beta version soon!

Update Log:

April 10: 2022
1: Launched RoEncode
2: Added support for every symbol (Except -, _, +, and =)
3: Added support for numbers (0-9)
4: Hid the tables from exploiters (The best I can at the moment)

Written by @WestJordan08 and @Luna_Adair

This isn’t encryption. All a person has to do is translate the “encrypted” message letter by letter. In addition, adding a | between letters exponentially increases storage space.


We are currently working on a more secure version of this module. We literally created this today, it takes us time. Please be patient while we improve the system :slight_smile:


If that had to be the case, you did keep in mind that this was just created, please reply with constructive criticism than saying

We’ll look into this matter later, thanks for your concern!

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Understandable, but that is why you complete a module before releasing it.

That is constructive criticism. I pinpointed exactly where you went wrong in this module.

It seems you are unfamiliar with encryption. I would advise you to read the Wikipedia article on it.

If you would like to continue this, please move it to DMs as to not further clutter up the topic.


We have, and our module is defined as encrypting, the following letters are converted into Ciphertext…


We will release the more secure systems very soon :slight_smile:
Like I said, please be patient


For just making this today you have done an amazing job. Keep it up! :smiley: :heart:


Thanks! We’ll make sure to make it safer and better for you down the road! :slight_smile:


Looks like a translator where letters stored then convert the text into translated letter.

The table dictionary should be like this.
So it can be easier to translate, per table are Dictionary, 1 Index is a Encode, 2 Index is a Decode

However this is good. Great job.


Thank you! If you have any suggestions, they will most likely be added.


I love this idea! (character limit)


Right now you are storing the encode and decode dictionary on the script, someone could just use this module to decrypt existing encrypted strings. You should use randomisation as a key (so encrypting requires a key), the key can just be a randomised encode/decode dictionary


This is a good idea! I will implement this in the next update. This module was my first time working with the string function so I am always learning :slight_smile:


Because this is an open sourced module, exploiter can use this as well, and basically defeated the whole purpose of using it.

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Keep in mind this is not so secure still if you still store the key on the client or send via remotes, both are still attackable by intercepting the remote or if the exploiter’s executor supports getting constants or such

Just figured I’d chime in. I have taken a few cyber security courses in university as a computer science student.

First, encoding and decoding can, in fact, be considered a form of encryption. This is why things like caesar ciphers and mono-alphabetic substitution, while very simple (even as simple as your encoding system) are also considered encryption. To advertise this as a “Simple Encryption Module” definitely fits here.

This might be a bug rather than proper criticism, but your use of LoweredString = string.lower(text) in your encoding algorithm when converting from plaintext to ciphertext causes an irreversible change, which makes this algorithm not a proper encoding/encryption algorithm, since it can’t be properly decoded/decrypted. See below:


prints “hi”, not “Hi”


Yeah so when I wrote the encode function, I had forgotten symbols and capitol letters. In the next update of this module (Probably tomorrow), I will add some major security fixes along with some more encoding methods. I will include more symbols and add the capitol letters. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

HTTPService provides a :GenerateGUID() function which creates a random UUID. Now if I’m not an idiot, then I believe you can use this function for encrypting, although I have no idea how (I’m not skilled into UUID).

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Currently these are the changes planned for the next update. If you have more ideas, reply to this message!

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