RoFeed: Update Log / Version History

RoFeed Update Log


V: 0.1.3

Date: 9/11/23

Hey folks! DevKeia here! We are so excited to deliver the 0.1.3 update. This is the update where we will begin to wrap up Selective Beta Testing and release the game for public beta.


We are currently on the road to releasing the game to the public. Please hold on while we work on this! Almost done…

NOTES TAKEN: 9/16/23


I have always wanted to see my community be built. This is the great part about RoFeed. You can most literally SEE the community communicating and building live. I want people to have a safe but engaging environment where they can go to talk! Also, we have live moderation so we can track posts. Every post has an unique post number, so you can report any issues right to our moderation and the post will be taken down ASAP if needed. Please note we are working on an in-game moderation report system.


Version 0.1.3

Added “Your Feed”

  • Cooldown on Your Feed added
  • Picks totally random post from data (Not based on popularity)
  • Totally fair!

Posting cooldown added!

  • This is to ensure that we will not have to clear everyone's data. (HOPEFULLY)