RoGrow - Funding, Advertisement and Management for your Roblox Game!

Hey all, Tommy / Linkmon99 here!
For those who don’t already know me I’m a Star Program YouTuber (500K+ Subscribers) who is known for being the “ Richest ” Roblox player (This title is a massive stretch, and honestly more of a way to mock how many limited items I have that I can’t devex LOL!)
Over the past year I’ve been expanding into the game development field on Roblox; working on several private projects that I sponsored via my social media channels, and funded with Robux and/or USD.

This is my second time reaching out in the DevForum because I’d like to offer my services more broadly to any developer(s) interested.
I have assembled a team of influencers, developers, and marketers under a collaboration named RoGrow; with a mission to invest into smaller Roblox devs and provide services.

RoGrow wants to help small team or single developers achieve the highest potential out of their games.
We understand the challenges of creating a successful game on Roblox, and so want to help make it easier for devs to receive the support that they need to find success.

So, why partner with RoGrow? We can help give you many resources that may have been unavailable to you before. Perhaps you want help in creating a website to track stats for your game, or you need funding for a builder or programmer. Some people do not have the expertise or capital to handle certain aspects of the game. They might be a phenomenal builder or coder, but lack in all the other areas which makes it impossible for them to create their dream project - that’s where RoGrow wants to jump in and help.

RoGrow helps devs with:
-promotion (through social media)
-investment (through robux or USD funding)
-project management
-legal support / contracting
-data driven API implementation (essentially providing web development services)
That’s a mouthful, but in short, we want to give smaller projects whatever help they need for their game.

Interested with RoGrow? We are already working with several promising projects but are excited to custom tailor our services to you - reach out to us to schedule a consultation! You can contact us by joining our discord server click this and reaching out to the staff (nature-fall and Law_Rk) through DMs or the server’s general chat. Lastly, any questions DM me here on the devforum.

Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from many of you!



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