Rogue-like Concept Feedback

I noticed a bunch of games popping up based around RNG, and I thought of a great idea for a rogue-like with random generation taken to the next level! Serious inspiration from Rogue Legacy 2.
To add re-playability, the characters all have special traits upon joining the dungeon with your friends and you have to make your way through it.

Everything has changes to gameplay, such as Vampirism making the only way you can heal via attacking enemies, or Gigantism making you slower but deal heavier damage with more range, with dwarfism being vice versa.

The dungeon system is also complex, but still a major WIP compared to the character creation and stamina system so I’m not exactly willing to show that yet until it’s at a greater level. However, the dungeons aren’t linear and are more maze like with branching rooms and good flow. They are made of presets that I am making. Here’s a picture of the current generation:

The game is built to be multiplayer with your friends, and I was planning on adding special voice chat support from the new Audio API features in the beta with effects and filters adding to immersion and overall fun.
I’m also going to add curses that can give your player more exaggerated versions of the disabilities that players can find within chests and enemies that can drop them. For example, I was going to have a ring that halves your size and makes your voice higher pitched if you have access to Voice Chat.

I don’t know exactly how death is going to work yet. I was planning on reviving all players who died get revived if a player survives to the next floor in the dungeon, and if all players die, the run is over.

If you guys have any ideas or things to tweak with any of these ideas, let me know! I love hearing feedback.


This concept looks great so far! Good job on it!


I do enjoy the re-playability aspect by random generation

my idea is when players return to the menu after completing a dungeon, is to give out a reward currency based on how much they’ve achieved during their run in the dungeon, for example the amount of floors and enemies that had been cleared. The currency could function as mastery points to improve existing traits for future gameplay

Ooh, that’d be interesting! Maybe give some of the initial abilities special traits. You could unlock kicking down locked doors with gigantism, for example, and other things for different abilities. It’d provide more reason to play the game and improve future gameplay like you said.