Rogue moderation of profile social links

Today I received a warning for using the social links feature to attach my social media links to my profile. These links were not visible anywhere in plaintext.

This is a serious issue that could cause every account to receive warnings for using these links. I suspect some kid used it as a way to get moderation action taken against my account - this should not be possible.

Ironically after receiving the warning the links had not been deleted. This actually makes the problem more severe as if this was triggered by a troll report then they could continue to report the links until eventually I receive more than a warning.

Also I’m a bit annoyed about this because it’s only my 3rd warning in 14 years and the first in about 12!

I’ve posted this as a bug report because it is clearly unintentional. I don’t want replies to this thread from people telling me this is not the right place to put it.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Rarely


Writing this on behalf of my prior managers. They also received a similar issue around February 6th 2023. Where their entire profile got filtered nonsensically.


This is something that has plagued the platform for a while now. I have had to remove all of my social links from my profile due to this. I have no idea why this happens, but it shouldn’t be flagged in the first place due to it properly being within the TOS to put them in the designated parts of your profile. Why allow putting the social links onto your profile if they just warn you for complying?

I assume that this all boils down to Roblox’s auto-moderation. No manual reviewer should warn you for the social links Roblox allowed you to put on your profile. It makes no sense!

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Thanks for the report. I filed a issue to our internal database.