RoHook Roblox To Discord Webhooks Made Simple

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Hello! I have created RoHook! a simple way to send information to Discord webhooks from Roblox.

This was created to log when a cheater has been kicked from your game


But this can be called at any time and can be changed for your benefit

This is very VERY simple to use all you have to do is call the function provided in the server script at any time



I think you mean roblox to discord in the post title. Also this will only really be useful if your planning on having a small community game as theirs always the chance of getting rate limited Discord Developer Portal

Other than that good resource for beginners looking to have a way to log information from roblox to discord.

Ah yes thank you i have changed the title and i do recommend having a cooldown but if you are using it for logging hackers or something that doesnt happen all the time then you probably wont get rate limited you would only probably get rate limited if you are using it to log when a user joins the game or when somebody does something very very common

Which api did you use to make the http post?