RoIntellisense — Power at your fingertips (OLD TOPIC)

my thought was to make it so if you write “Players”, it automatically puts "local Players = game:GetService(“Players”) in the first line, which now is my feature request for that plugin

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I like the idea of it, i’m gonna add that real quick;

You can also make it so the plugin can work for any script and doesn’t need to work only for one at a time, as an optional feature.

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I took a look at your code and you could use game:GetService(“StudioService”).ActiveScript which is a property of studioservice and the change could be detected using the getpropertychangedsignal function.
Just wanted to tell you that cause often I click at other instances while in script to check how a property is called.

1 more thing I could recommend you is to set the plugin’s button clickable while in a script, to do that, just use: PluginToolbarButton.ClickableWhenViewportHidden

That’s all just feedback based on my (and hopefully others too) needs.

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I didn’t even know StudioService ever existed; I guess I’ll migrate to ActiveScript instead of listening to selection change

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Nice project, however a good name would be Robloxian IntelliSense as I think it sounds better than AutoComplete / Script Commands (In my opinion)

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What a name, it does sounds much better than script commands

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  • added service support thingie (some services might not be in the list)
  • changed the name to Ro-Intellisense
  • optimized some features


Tested it, that plugin is really useful, how 'bout removing the service when there is no “ReplicatedStorage” in the script? so its always clean and doesn’t make unnecessary variables for services you needed once for testing etc?

pardon? what do you mean by that?

so now if I write ReplicatedStorage, the service gets added, If I delete what I just wrote the line the plugin just added should go away

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sure, i can do that

This text will be blurred

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Its been 3 hours and i can’t seem to figure out on how to do that

I’ve encountered many crashes trying to make this into a reality but cannot seem to get it working, I might not add this

add the line if the source contains:
but not
“local Players = game:GetService(“Players”)”

remove the line if the source contains:
“local Players = game:GetService(“Players”)”
and “Players” but only 1 time, which is in the other string

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I got it the way it should be :happy2:

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Its working really well on other scripts, but somehow if I try to write “ReplicatedStorage” here, nothing gets added. But if I write local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”) that line gets removed.


please fix that bug,

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ah, it seems like there’s something wrong with checking the current line editing, Its fixed now

fixed a bug that lets your suffix being nil

Sorry for the inactivity, today I’m happy to announce that we are updating this plugin (completely revamped)

  • migrated to ScriptEditorService
  • rewritten code
  • revamped UI

quick overview:

forgot to include this feature

enable ScriptEditorService beta feature to use;
File > Beta Features > ScriptEditor