RoIntellisense — Power at your fingertips (OLD TOPIC)

(plugin is under rework)

— It is important for me to be transparent about my thoughts and feelings, so I feel it necessary to reiterate that my focus has shifted towards game development. While I appreciate all of the support and interest that has been shown towards the plugin, I believe it would be in the best interest of all parties involved if I were to step back and allow others to modify and enhance the code in ways that align with their interests and goals.
— As such, I want to make it clear that you are free to copy and modify the source code of the plugin as you see fit. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this project, and I hope that it has provided some value to those who have used it. Thank you for your support and understanding during this transitional period. :wave:

(thank you The Double N#0454 for the icon!!!)


RoIntellisense is a highly useful tool for Roblox developers, as it helps to streamline the coding process by providing more customizable and comprehensive autocomplete suggestions. In just a few clicks, RoIntellisense helps you to produce the same string of code with little to no effort! This can save you significant time and help you write faster, and more efficient!

RoIntellisense not only offers customizable autocomplete functionality, but also provides additional helpful features like Functions. These features allow you to see the purpose of different functions and make coding easier.

Overall, RoIntellisense is a valuable addition to any Roblox developer’s toolkit, and we highly recommend giving it a try. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting with Roblox development, RoIntellisense can help you write better code more efficiently.





Is this useful?

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  • I don’t use roblox’s default script editor
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I have no idea why i named it “AutoComplete”

your plugin rather be called “script commands” than “AutoComplete”.
AutoComplete able to parse and read definitions and suggest keyword and/or identifier based on current context & syntax instead of limited commands.


i changed it to script commands; thanks for the suggestion


Added more keywords
  • wfc — WaitForChild
  • ffc — FindFirstChild
  • while%f — while task.wait(%f) do
Updated connectfn

Auto fills the parameter depending on the event (limited to instance events only)

I forgot to record the while%f:

This plugin seems to have a lot of potential, perhaps a way to create our own commands / edit the existing ones?


That’s interesting; i will look into it.

new update (finally)

Added Settings and Editor

You can now configure the suffix and most importantly, commands!

fixed a bug that doesn’t save the settings*

the commands are currently not save-able, im currently working with this.

unfortunately, it looks like saving tables with functions are not possible (suffix is still save-able)

looks like the commands are now save-able!
(chaotic demo)

*added a debug option, not much to say about it

Very cool and useful plugin! Can’t wait for future updates.


I’m currently looking for suggestions; since you can now create your own commands and I don’t know what else to add :wink:

What about a documentation somewhere on how to use the plugin? Or maybe making an icon for the plugin on the marketplace?

I don’t have a software specializing drawing and stuff (nor experience)

Its quite straightforward

Alright. You can make a simple icon with text.

good Idea for a plugin, but as soon as I try to do anything inside of an If-statement, nothing works

i did it intentionally because i don’t think theres a reason to make it work when theres an if statement or anything in the way

my thought was to make it so if you write “Players”, it automatically puts "local Players = game:GetService(“Players”) in the first line, which now is my feature request for that plugin

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