Rojo import model parts not visible

The problem: Rojo import of RBXMX file is bringing in the model but it can’t be seen or interacted with

The details: I am currently using Rojo to work on my code/asset management and I’ve encountered a weird bug/issue. I grabbed the security camera model from the marketplace ( ) and it imports fine from my toolbox but when I export it to RBXMX and try to load it via Rojo, it doesn’t render properly! All the parts are in Workspace but I can’t see them except for the little red dot. I can’t even interact with them.

I’ve compared properties on both versions and as far as I can tell, they’re the same.

In the below screen shot, the camera that is visible was placed via my toolbox and the blue highlighted one was brought in via Rojo and RBXMX file.


I know that Rojo has some trouble with meshes and I’ve included the output messages in case someone can help me decipher what’s going on. I don’t mind manually setting properties of the camera via script but I don’t even know which properties aren’t being successfully updated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!