Rojobs - Devlog #1

Greetings. Currently working on a substitute for Talent Hub, an online job website where you can find work, create your portfolio, and create job postings as an employer.

One of the reasons I’m doing this is not only the poor quality of Talent Hub, but also the poor functioning of the dev market on Roblox. Workers are underpaid, scams are a recurrent issue, and there are too many marketplaces.

My goal is to create a centralized marketplace for creators looking for jobs, employers looking to hire, teams looking to scale, and have them do it in a safe, trustworthy place.

(The death of Bloxfolio also led me to start this project.)

I’ll be releasing the features I’m looking to implement in this project in the next devlog.

There’s no set name for it yet, so I’m calling it Rojobs. I will be documenting the development process through DevLogs, so if you’d like to support the project, you can do so by helping to come up with new ideas, features, or improvements. Looking forward to hearing from you.

PS: I’ve created a discord server for the website: Rojobs

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Sounds good, would be cool to add a portfolio feature that allows for images and stuff.
Talent Hub is limited when it comes to showing off your work.

Also, why would this be any better than using HiddenDevs which also added a portfolio feature recently?

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My vision is to create something close to Fiverr and Upwork, where the creators can post their gigs, and employers can post their job offers. There is going to be a portfolio feature. As for being better than HiddenDevs, it definitely will be. The HiddenDevs portfolio feature is very close to the TalentHub at the moment, and it’s not connected to their job posting platform which is Discord- by having everything in one place, it’s more practical to find developers and check out the portfolios of the developers who applied for your job.

So there is a way to give studio place access and give robux at the same time?
(Prevent scams)

Yes. The plan is to have the payment released after delivery of the work.

Message redacted. Message me for any issues or questions.

Not at all. I saw a problem and I’m fixing it. From the date on your post, you guys started about a year ago, and your website is nowhere to be seen. I’d never come across your post and from all I know, there could be a dozen more people working on the same thing.