[ROLE TAKEN] [R15 Animations] Need 18 Animations From Roblox Battle Recreated In R15

I am looking remake the weapons from Roblox Battle. I want them to work with FilteringEnabled as well as with R15. I am not that skilled at animating, so I am looking to pay someone else to recreate 18 animations for R15. I eventually plan to make them free models once Roblox allows public animations.

Here is what I am requiring of them:

  1. They have to properly use R15 joints. I am not looking to just do a direct conversion where joints get dislocated and look like R6.
  2. Timings must be the same. If the recoil for the rocket launcher takes place over seconds 0 to 0.5, it should match that.
  3. Weapon positions should be close to the original.

File Given
I have organized all of the animations into separate R6 and R15 rigs. All animation KeyframeSequuences have also been imported into the place and made able to be loaded in the animation editor. Each rig also has an accessory with the weapon they carry for referencing.

Pay would be done in Robux as a group payout. I am not sure what to charge for this project, so I am relying on a cost from you, preferably on a per animation basis. Payment will be given after all the animation files are received and tested with a generic R15 rig.

Ideally, sooner is better to get these done. However, I may not be able to start work on remaking the weapons until December 20th due to school work and updating Nexus Admin being next on my list of stuff to do. December 20th isn’t a deadline, as I don’t plan to pay until they are done. They should be completed by the end of the year (December 31st) though.

Post here or private message me if you are interested in this. If you know someone who does animating outside the developer forum, feel free to let them know about this. Just realize I will say no to a price that is too high for me to do.

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