Roleplay game mechanic

I thought up a game mechanic for social RPG’s to avoid godmoding,
I call it a Retree (which stands for Reaction Tree) how it works is someone can invite another player to battle which if they accept the request then during the battle once a player does a move like a punch or kick the other player has to quickly react to it by pressing a dodge punch/kick or block if the player does nothing they take damage the minigame ends once one player defeats the other player,
but my problem is I can’t figure out how to make this fun for the target audience which is roleplayers since if someone just has a better reaction time than others then they could just crush all the noobs who just want to have a fun roleplay so how do I overcome this issue?


Well if they accept the invite request they must like the competitiveness of testing their reaction times against another player, I presume what you mean is it’d be optional. As far as avoiding this, I’d suggest a button they would have to click that would be at a random position on the screen and they’d have X amount of time to click said button (1-2 seconds depending on how difficult you’d want it to be is what I’d recommend). If it continuously goes back and forth with blocking, say about 3 times, then maybe afterwards make it to where the attacker can break through the dodge and land a hit. Hopefully this helps, reaction times are a bit confusing to work with and in some cases there isn’t much developers are able to do about it due to it being a human component.

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Let’s be honest;

The role-play community, (after the flash, reckless, small community-based games) are in it for the pure story and personal character development rather than the gameplay mechanics. Personally once being in these communities, god-modding gets ignored and the game’s administration deals with it directly and these types of games aren’t targeted at a bigger audience, or like you said - “noobs to the game.”

The target audience also hates when development interacts with how they role-play, such as turn-based rules or systems, and honestly most combat is done with text.


I love the idea, and I can see it in a big MMORPG type game where it is not based off community roleplay, but based off game mechanics (such as Vesteria). I think it could work in games like that.