ROliday 2020 Credits

Play ROliday 2020 here:

Along with the main developers, we would like to credit other creators who contributed in other ways. Thank you all so much!!


kijineko: Building, Various Models, Pictures
unroot: Marble Mania Models, UI Help
Minitoon: Piggy Model
Orlando777: Eltoria RS750 from REV//
EvilArtist: Various Models, Pictures
IDontHaveAUse: HYPERVOLT Model, Pictures
hlelo_wolrd: Board Game Assets, Pictures
Quenty: Eyes of Providence + Windlight Bay Models
Imaginaerum: Fricklet
Ep1cism: Paperweight
AshCr4ft: Bingus, Pictures
martxn: Various Models, Pictures
Leena177: Various Models
saywhoom: Various Models, Pictures
MidnightKrystal: Hackula + Monkey Skin, Pictures
Techoye: Eggify 2020 models
Lil Nas X: Lil Nas X
green271: Various Models, Pictures
dayzeedog: Pictures
Rainby: Pictures
rastamypasta: Pictures
Thisfall: Pictures
Cyanitem: Pictures
bunpunk: Pictures
T66Bits: Pictures
XxMakio: Pictures
Radiill: Pictures
@ korbloxian: Pictures
@ Cocoo_RBLX: Pictures
@ AsperiteRico: Pictures
@ Bby_Noodles: Pictures
@ ReisiRBX: Pictures
@ mykattie_: Pictures
@ x_property_x: Pictures
@ BrightPartsRBX: Pictures
@ vinnieandtd: Pictures
@ SuperVictor64: Pictures