RoLive ∎ A Roblox Game & Group stats tracking Discord bot!

Introducing RoLive!

Hello everyone! Today, @starchip12 and I are releasing a brand new intuitive Discord bot to help you grow your community and track your LIVE game & group stats.

With RoLive, you can track things such as…

  • Playercount
  • Visits
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Favorites
  • Group Members

Right from your community’s home on Discord!

What is RoLive? (Now a Verified Discord bot! :ballot_box_with_check:)

RoLive is a Verified Discord bot that creates channels on your Discord server to display stats about your game.

When you create a tracker using RoLive, it will automatically generate a locked Discord channel that updates with the latest information every 5 minutes.

Trackers can combine game stats as well! The command below is an example of how to combine the stats for 2 games into one channel:

r!trackgame 1064681037 286090429

Why RoLive?

Growing a community for your projects can be difficult, and monitoring your growth is often more tedious than it should be. This is why we created RoLive. Using RoLive in your server not only helps you as a developer to keep track of your projects, big and small, but it also promotes community growth.

By using RoLive’s intuitive and user-friendly trackers, it adds a dynamic element to your server. Adding this factor has been shown to increase user activity and user retention, especially over time as your projects accumulate larger numbers and more visits. Allowing users to see these stats upon joining your server adds a sense of legitimacy to your server as well.

It’s Free!

It is 100% free to start using RoLive on your server today!

We do offer paid tiers as well. Learn more about our ‘Pro’ plans here.

How do I add RoLive to my server?

RoLive can be added in 3 simple steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Press “Add to my server”
  3. Run the r!help command in a channel that the RoLive bot can access and start creating trackers!

More details can be found on our site:

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @RoLiveBot or reply below!

Track on!


Awesome work! Looking forward to using this on my current projects! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I love this, and I will hopefully use it on my future games or (experiences lol).

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love it <3 absolutely amazing work on this project bot

except i dont like the fact that there is only a free trial, and there is not a free version ;c maybe there is but on the site it says otherwise.
Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 8.33.03 PM

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I fail to understand how you state this requires many servers and databases…? The only thing you would be storing is guildId, and whatever gameId’s they are wanting to track. Set an interval to run through API data on roblox and check, store nothing. Why should this have donations?


As the bot begins to increase in users, the data which the bot takes up begins to cost more.

There are two primary factors here:

  1. As you get more users in the database, we begin to run out of space forcing us to use greater database tiers.
  2. As the bot is in more servers, Discord’s aggressive caching causes the bot to use more memory. By the time we get to around 2k servers, we will be forced by Discord to use sharding which uses even more memory and CPU usage, meaning we have to increase the size of the server and relocate to a dedicated AWS instance. The server cost for this overtime isn’t free.

Our bot already has a free tier which we may open up more that you are able to utilize as much and for as long as you’d like.

Additionally, choosing to support us is a choice in which is entirely voluntary, if you like our work and would like to say thanks, donating is a great way to do that.

The money that may or may not be generated from this project isn’t just going towards server costs, it’s also just for general net income as any platform would do.

@IceTheOneAndOnly Whoops, that phrasing does seem a little confusing, we’ll go ahead and edit that. The free tier is open for you to use for as long as you’d like and it is not a trial.


Hi! Thank you for the kind words!

For clarification, the ‘Free Trial’ never ends, it’s more like you said, a free version of the RoLive bot!

Just update the website to avoid future confusion, feel free to reach out @RoLiveApp on Twitter or here if you have any more suggestions! :grin:

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but then why is it called a ‘trial’ if it never ends?

The word “trial” could imply that it is a trial to the full services, as you are not able to access the full features of the bot. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is a really nicely made bot. Any plans on trying to figure out how Roblox calculated MAU? A lot of games don’t seem to be qualifying to even get this information from Roblox so this would be a nice round-about way for us to figure this out.


This is definitely something which was explored but was eventually found to be outside of our scope. To make MAU a tracker option, we’d need to collect a lot more data, which we currently lack the resources for.

We will likely revisit it in the future to see if we can make that tracker a reality.


Why would I use this instead of say, RTrack or another competitor? In RTrack I can easily just type in my game ID and get all of these stats(and more). I guess one benefit would be having it in a discord server(for communities that have discord) so that everyone can see, but anyone can go to RTrack and put in an ID.

If I could get a list of the pros and cons I would be more “inclined” to use this.

Awesome feature, going to use this in my coming ‘experiences’ LOL.

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I wouldn’t consider ourselves to be RTrack competitors. Sure we both track live game data, but the usages for each platform are different. RoLive and RTrack can seamlessly co-exist.

As a developer who wants deeper insights into their game over a long period of time, you should be using RTrack. RoLive technically can, but primarily will not provide that type of service.

RoLive should be used as a passive tool for yourself and the community whenever you may be curious about your current game stats. RoLive is a community-focused tool, meant to be viewed by anyone in your server, not just the developer. In general, people in your discord server dont care about the nitty-gritty details such as “Peak yesterday” or “Monetization Score”

For the sake of the discussion, let’s assume we are competitors for a moment.

Here’s what we’d have over RTrack:

  1. Ability to combine game stats into a single value. You can combine up to 28 games into one tracker.
  2. More focused data rather than just an information dump on your screen.
  3. Automatically updates right on your discord server in as real-time as possible. No need to go and fetch an ID.

Here’s what RTrack would have over us:

  1. Long term data is easier to keep track of
  2. More data in general
  3. Graphs to visualize data

But just to restate what I said earlier, RTrack and RoLive both track data, but their use cases are very different, so its reasonable for people to use both.


Do you ever think that you will add the ability to support error tracking in the future?


This was something that was considered but is outside of the scope of this project.

In the future, we may create an affordable system for error tracking in Roblox. Currently, systems like are very pricey outside of their free tier, so creating a system like that would be greatly beneficial to smaller Roblox developers who don’t have hundreds to spend.

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I use this in my discord server, and it’s super helpful to track all of my games without having to individually check them all. Would recommend for anyone who owns games and wants to track their concurrents!


Putting this into my discord server was really quick and simple, I recommend this bot to anyone who has games and frequently checks their stats. Saves me a trip to my games page!


Hey your bot isn’t working is their a new command now?

That was long ago maybe down now