Roll Call Posts in International

In the past couple of days, I’ve noticed an increase in posts like these (see expandable below) in the #international category.

Photo of International Posts

According to the guidelines for that category, it is supposed to be used only by foreign developers for development-related things. Despite this, multiple posts have been made by American developers ‘calling’ other Americans who live nearby and many non-development ‘roll calls’ have been posted.

While one or two of these might be understandable, having a thread for so many different countries (and regions/states) is unnecessary and causes clutter.

I have conversed with several other members here and we seem to be of the same mind - roll calls are largely unnecessary and only seem to cause clutter in that category. Feel free to leave your opinion below.


With full honestly the ones besides the USA one are ok but only the ones in a different language. The one who started the trend (I won’t reveal the name) pretty much just started asking people around and the rest is jumping in for the sake of free :heart:s and boosting their status here…


I fully agree, anyone from bla, ant developers from bla? Role call for bla? It’s all just a waste of space.


If you feel as if these topics aren’t for the #international category please flag them to make Dev Engagement aware.