Rollback Option for Trade

There are alot of scams nowdays.

In many cases of account theft or various types of scams, people lose their limiteds.

Roblox arleady allows users to make a one-time restoration if their accounts were compromised.

An easy way to fight scams would be following:

When users trade, the limiteds become untradeable and cant be sold for time period of 6 to 24 hours.

In that period of time, both sides can rollback the trade, in trade -> trade items -> completed -> the trade.

This way, when people get scammed they can get their items back.

I think this is a very good solution to the scam problems we have nowdays, such as the websites that try to steal your password and goodies.

Most importantly, it wouldnt hurt the economy or any of those sides.


It wont be a problem if people use this to revert bad trades, infact it would stop people from fooling others to make trades that are not worth it.

Anything else from replies will be added here.


oh and it would also prevent people from buying limiteds offsite as it would allow them to easily be scammed, so another good thing.


Consider the issue of trades that involve Money. How does Roblox lock down you from spending money you receive? Not to mention the tax fee involved.

Also, I guarantee this will be used for trolling. Imagine sending all of your high cost items for nothing to someone and when they accept you rollback. And then do this constantly as a troll. No bueno.


They could put it in pending sales, like all gamepass and clothing sales robux which is “locked” until set in stone.

Already possible to troll with trades. From what I remember, all they’d have to do is send a fake “here’s all my valuables” trade, and then cancel it. Message of the trade is still sent, the trade is sent to inactive trades, and the user is le epic trolled.


Arguably that form of trolling is incredibly risky and isn’t as awful as you actually owning the items out right only for the person to take them back in the final 30 minutes of the waiting period.


It’s only really risky if the user is online, or in the unlikely chance it isn’t the average user, has a bot to catch such trades. It’s still possible though, and in both this currently possible case and in the example you provided, there’s the simple solution of just blocking the user involved with such shenanigans to prevent future trickery.


… pending sales

  1. People wont fall for this that much, since they will be aware of the feature.
  2. Greater good, are we really not going to save alot of limiteds from being stolen because some people might troll unexperienced people?
    Trolling isnt harmless - SCAMMING IS!
    Also, again, everyone will be aware of this after first trolls, so no big deal.
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A scam is not a theft. A limited theft would be someone gaining access to your account and taking the item without your permission. A better feature request wouldn’t be to make refunds, but to instead make it so RAP isn’t the only value indicator. There is already a process to get your stuff back in the case of someone unlawfully gaining account access. It’s called e-mailing info@roblox.

Also, I think you messed this up. What you’ve written here is that trolling is a big problem, and scamming is not a big problem.

The only real thing that this refund button would “prevent” is a kid getting excited over seeing a RAP that is sky high, and when they receive the item, finding out that it’s projected. Do your research before you hit accept.


Right on cue, someone attempted the exact scam I was talking about.


It’s one time only, and because the limiteds are tradeable, roblox doesnt remove them; instead they make a second item.

Trolling is not harmless.
Scamming is.

I didnt write that trolling is a big problem.

It could help save people money, and change the trading for the better and easier.


So, for clarification on this, what you’re saying is…
Trolling is harmful.
Scamming is not harmful.

Meaning that your idea is harmful, because it makes for easy trolling, which is inherently harmful, by result of not being harmless.

I don’t see how it saves anybody any money, nor do I see how it makes trading better or easier. If anything, it makes trading more hectic. No one, has a trading propagation that allows refunds.
The reason why, is relatively speaking, refunds means you will be sitting there for 24 hours, waiting, just to make sure what you traded actually goes through.

When mixing this with volatile markets, that means a user can do a refund just because the item they traded for starts suddenly heading in the other direction. That a risk you take when you trade. Your easy out shouldn’t be screwing over the person who you decided to strike a deal with.

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oh i ment harmful not harmless

Look at cons and pros, you’re going to repeat your point over and over and im not gonna argue.

Trolling is not a problem,
scamming is.

And this is one of the best solutions to protect limiteds from:
Account thieves,
Free Robux Websites,
Fooling into bad scams,


buying limiteds offsite


These already have protection, called e-mailing Roblox.
Not to mention, the easy way to prevent this in the first place is working on handling the bots who spam this stuff, not restricting trading with basically a timer. Not to mention, think about this now, during the refund time you can’t trade the item you just traded for. Meaning if you wanna do back to back trades, you can’t! That would kill the trading community. Many high ranking traders are doing tens or hundreds of trades a day.

Edit: I will also add, how would this affect a user getting multiple of one item. Will that item not be tradeable at all even though they have multiple copies? (Speaking about Non-LimitedU)

This won’t be protected by your idea. All this means is people will now wait 24 hours (or whatever time span you choose) before giving over the money.

I would argue both are problems, and are particularly problems aimed at younger users. Perhaps doing more to keep younger users safer would be worth more time, or making more intuitive guides about how trading works and how RAP isn’t the only factor for a person to look at to prevent a scam like a price scam.


Then how to protect limiteds from thieves and scammers on roblox?
I dont have the time to argue because none of us is going to win this.