Rolly: Light Weight, Easy to Use Module Made To Interact With Rolimons


What is it?

  • This module is made to interact with the Roliomons API. Easy to use, It’s lightweight meaning it will not take much memory in your game so your game will still run very smoothly.

What Does it Include?

How do I get it?

How do I use it?

local Rolly = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.Rolly)
local Items = Rolly.Items
local Users = Rolly.Users
local TradeAds = Rolly.TradeAds
local Market = Rolly.Market

print(Items.GetItemDetails(1029025)) --> Classic Fedora
print(Users.GetUserData(135190312)) --> Fetch UserData
print(TradeAds.GetRecentAds()) --> Fetch RecentAds
print(TradeAds.GetRecentAds(true)) --> Fetch RecentAds w/ Item Details.
print(Market.GetMarketActivity()) --> Fetches Market Activity

How do I use it?


  • If you have any ideas/suggestions for the module make sure to comment them!
  • This module is not yet finished and I’d like to add more to it in the future!


  • The module is fully open-sourced and free to use, If you would like to contribute to the project feel free to use the Github Repository.


  • You can contact me through Discord, frames#4888

Unless Detials means something, this is a typo. It should be spelled Details.


Thank you for letting me know! It has been fixed.

Update 1.0.0! :tada:

  • Updated playerassets to playerapi/player
  • Fixed formatting issues
  • FIxed small bugs with HTTP Wrapper

I cant seem to get this to work anymore. When I try to use this it either doesn’t return any information on an item I’m trying to get details for or it just throws the errors Argument 1 missing or nil and Requested module experienced an error while loading. I’ve never really played with or learned how to use module scripts but if someone could help me on how to use or fix this that would be great.

Post your code, sorry I’m never on the devforum anymore.

You didn’t turn on http requests.