RoLogger - A cheap and easy way to monitor your game through Discord Webhooks

RoLogger is a plugin which allows you to monitor your game live, with the following features:

  • Player Joins Logging,
  • Gamepass Purchases Logging,
  • Developer Product Purchases Logging.

Keep in mind that this plugin is still fairly new and I will add new features soon. (You can post your ideas by replying to this post!
This is also my first plugin, so don’t expect anything too amazing, I am still learning and I would love feedback!

I do not recommend using Player Joins logging if your game is big as this will break the rate limit.
You can choose from a selection of Proxies, not using a proxy will cause discord to block the requests!


  • WebhookProxy
  • RoProxy

Get it here:
Demo / Tutorial:

NOTE: Unfortunately, the plugin is currently down due to roblox making it so that you cannot sell plugins for robux.


if you have a big game, wouldnt this spam the api and get your discord account terminated?

edit: i just read it more clearly, I saw you tell us it would spam it

RoProxy does not have a rate limit, and WebhookProxy has a rate limit of 10 requests / second.

RoProxy is like just a bridge between the discord API without any protection and Roblox, but WebhookProxy will queue your requests to comply with discord’s TOS.

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if you had a big game you could probably remove player join logging from being logged.

Isn’t RoProxy a rotating Proxy? Correct me if I’m wrong, doesn’t that mean it’s an infinite rate limit?

Yes, it’s rotating in the sense it rotates a new IP for each request. But Discord still limits messages per webhook per channel regardless of what IP it’s coming from (I believe it’s something like 30 messages/minute per channel per webhook). But this still won’t “bypass” Discord’s imposed rate limit.

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How does WebhookService bypass the Discord rate limit? (They said if it’s over the discord rate limit they will deal with it.)

It doesn’t bypass the rate limit, rather will just essentially stack up the requests. So let’s say you send 30 messages in less than a minute. Instead of sending that to Discord and getting a 429 error, it’ll add the message to a queue and once the rate limit is over it’ll send the messages in the queue.