Roman Menu Concept UI

I was bored, yet again, so I decided to make a concept UI that is Roman Themed for @SlyKalian ( if he uses it ). It’s just a team GUI, I used 0 references besides @TheGreatAIexander for the GFX since I didn’t know crap about lighting.

It was for my portfolio I didn’t just have it go to waste, since I do think this isn’t a bad UI. The GFX lighting could use some work, but what are your thoughts? I’m trying to make a new UI to present to the development community and improve my skill every day!


also yes it is watermarked, so no point in trying to steal!

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Looks cool as a shiny golden medal, I’d love to see this in a game. Even though it is overly simple, it looks like something I would see from someone like Kenami, who just makes astonishing stuff. Can’t wait to see more.


Amazing Roman Menu User Interface! The text is visible and intelligible. Also has attractive colors, and the character renders make the User Interface 10x better. Amazing job!

Neat, You should start charging for this work.

Its so beautiful :star_struck:
Looks very polished and something that would be seen on a professional game.