RomanEmpireThe1st Developing

Status: Available

Hello! I am @RomanEmpireThe1st and I am a Builder on roblox studio. I am looking for short term work like one off builds or long term work if it pays enough.

What can I build?
I can build Cafe’s, Resturants, Hotels, Parkour Courses and Resorts. And I have experience in these. I am of course open to any other builds but I may decline if I feel unable to get it done to a satisfactory level.

How much do I charge?
I charge between 500-5000 robux mostly depending on the size and complexity of the build, you can message me for a full price list.

How much experience do I have?
I have done over 20 commissions now and have over a years experience in building on roblox studio and the builds have been getting better throughout the year!

The best place for you to contact me is through discord by DM’ing RomanEmpireThe1st#4860 or you can contact me on DevForum if you don’t mind a slower reply time.

Previous work?
Here is some of my previous work, I have a few more screenshots that I can provide if you DM me but these are the main ones.

I look forwards to our future work together, please DM me if you have any other questions!

Thank you for reading :slightly_smiling_face: