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Nexiux RoModeration
Hello! My name is iJameezz, I am the CEO of Nexiux. We are currently working on this admin panel called RoModeration. This admin panel will have a connection between Discord, and Roblox to kick, and moderate people through the different apps.

We would really like to know your opinions on our current GUI, if you have just any feedback in general people make sure to post a comment.

Discord: Nexiux



Love the UI but one question which I have is what is different between yours and every other mod panels there are out there.

Also I am not sure but is it against the Discord ToS to use webhooks or its api for logging? I just saw somewhere in another post it is was.

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Amazing UI !!! (30)

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Hello! So our RoModeration service will mainly go through a website that we are currently developing but with the support of a Discord bot you can kick, and ban, and do such things through our Discord bot for your games. We will not be using webhooks or any such thing for logging on Discord but we will be adding logs on our website.

I hope this gave you the answer you we’re looking for! Have a great day.

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What other commands do you wish to implement? :nerd_face:

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Hello! Here are some of the commands we will be releasing with the RoModeration.

  • fire / unfire
  • jump
  • kill
  • loopkill / unloopkill
  • ff / unff
  • sparkles / unsparkles
  • smoke / unsmoke
  • sit
  • god / ungod
  • kick
  • ban / unban
  • pban / unpban
  • jail / unjail
  • respawn
  • tools
  • removetools
  • freeze / unfreeze
  • invisible / visible

There will be a more detailed list, and more commands once we release the next development update.
I hope this helped you! Have a great day.

I like the idea, but what if hypothetically you went out of business? I’d assume the website would have to stop being hosted due to expenses, and the bot would stop receiving support. This could leave a lot of games which would rely on this system in the dark, and potentially cause unbans and other such things.


Hello! I see your point but we will not be making the panel it self rely on the external stuff such as the bot, and the website. The panel will always be out there functional for people to use, and the bans will be done through in game to make sure people don’t lose all their moderation. We will make sure the bot, and website is just a extra feature for RoModeration.

I hope this helped you! Have a great day.

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