Roof will be the death of me

God, i’m a fricking idiot. An absolute buffoon. A dunce beyond monsterous proportions.

I’ve come to this forum to ask the best of the best on some modeling advice.
Ok, so, I’m doing a comission and all if good, except for the fact that nothing is good and making roofs suck.
I’ve been commissioned to build this house from naruto


and the roof will be the death of me.
I have no idea how I could make it and still make it look realistic/good.
I’ve tried making individual planks and adding them on manually, (that proved… difficult) I’ve tried extruding the house itself and making the roof connected like this:


but doing that dissallows me to bevel the edges and make them look like real planks.

Can someone help me? give me an aidea on how exactly I could create the roof?


I don’t know if this will help, but you may want to try the Archimedes plugin.

while this is a good tool, and it might help, I’m using blender, not studio, so it would only be of minimal use

Try selecting your faces and then go to Face > Extrude Individual Faces
From there you can select the extruded faces and scale them to be closer to each other.

this seems like a dumb question. but how do you scale them to be closer to eachother? just “s” wont work, other than that, holy frick, you saved my life.

did you select each outward-facing face like this?


From there you can just use S to scale

yep. that’s exactly what I did.
just pressing S to scale does do that, but it also extrudes them.

Change this up here to “Individual Origins”

oh my god, it worked. ok thank you.

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