Room escape game

i’m working on my new project, its a room escape game.

there is so many bugs that i have to fix it.


i fixed the door
i added this line to map change script

_G.door = false

so now if map changes the door is going to be closed


This is fine. There isn’t much to it, but good start. Updating the building and UI would be a great idea.


I like it a lot, I feel you can improve on the “next map” text. It reminds me of really basic 2014 game.

Also, how do you record so smoothly with obs? When I do I just get suck with really laggy stuff :confused:


i turned down the resolution of video and turned fps to 60

i will make a better one if i can

Message is deprecated, just make a TextLabel in the center of the screen with a gray background.


i’m using this
do you think i should delete it and make it with text label?

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In a word, yes. This is what you should do.


Nice, there could be more details though.

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i changed the map


It still looks very basic like a Roblox game from 2010.

i’m really bad at modeling, but i try my best :grin:

Wow! Cool game :slight_smile:
I played it and its very good.

Some of my feedback to you is that maybe you could make a few more different rooms.

Also instead of making the rooms chosen random you could have a voting system or a lobby where players can pick the room that they want to play (kind of like the things at story games where the boat or something get filled up with people then it teleports them to the rooms or players can host escape rooms and other players can join them in the room that was selected).

You could also have different levels for the rooms like easy, med, hard.

Also maybe more detailed rooms.

One last suggestion is that maybe make the objects other things other than blocks?

Sorry if the game is in Alpha or Beta and your not ready to add stuff like this.

Also maybe a bigger lobby.

I really like the idea of adding money in the game. Its a very cool idea.

(They are just some ideas you could add if you wanted sorry if this wasn’t that helpful (I am new to this whole dev forum thing))

   -From Cre8tor
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Thanks for your very helpful feedback, I really like to do what you said

And sorry if what I said did not make sense, I’m still learning English :sweat_smile: