RooM V2.000 dev diary

Keeping track of everything I’ve fixed/done prior to release.

  • Demon projectiles/AI work perfectly, called from module.
  • Capability of 8-angled sprite objects other than entities.
  • Elevators/doors cleaned up, can carry items on them now.
  • Gibs of weak enemies are possible, dead enemies slide when killed.
  • Local wep handling smoothed out, easier to mod the weapons.
  • Multiplayer capability taken from my deathmatch stuff
  • Sprite renderer vastly improved, all bugs regarding sprites falling through the world are fixed.
  • Local/serversided projectiles are dev choice.
  • Rockets completed, work for demons and multiplayer, rocket jumping possible, lagless.
  • Sway maths are improved.
  • Cacodemon flying mechanics replaced with my RooM 2 method.
  • Better recoil patterns.
  • Custom notification/chat fonts.
  • Weapon pickups and their ammunition choices work better.
  • Debouncing fixed on certain places where it was annoying.
  • Impacts smoothly shake the camera.
  • Fixed bugs regarding being able to shoot faster than intended on certain weapons.
  • Security vastly improved, certain things didn’t need to be replicated, now stored on server.
  • Glory kills smoother on the client, can pan the camera when glory killing.
  • Player deaths use the deathmatch method, show the proper death of the sprite skin (marine or other) that you are using, including chosen color.
  • First Aid stations a new type of healer.
  • Barrels can chain reaction, use my custom explosion parsing and can gib demons.
  • Fixed collision groups like blood, corpses etc. Players use physics when killed, both for local death and server.
  • Lava/fluids tied to itemeffects
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