Rope Attachments, But for guis. Who would have thought!

Hey everyone, I was working on another resource, related to Gui physics!

I would like to showcase what I have made so far, looking forward for some feedback! I’ll keep this post short. Here, I have ropes! Yes, completely from guis! I have achieved the base of everything I am going to script next, and that is, movement of each rope segment!

Natural Rope Physics

Very Stringy Rope. lol.

The ropes in these videos are suspended on the end. I’ll make sure to put ways to attach it to 2 points! (In this case, the attachment is the mouse’s location)

Here’s the testing place:

Looking for feedback and suggestions, thanks!


Really cool, if you create a variable for segment length an for max/min bend angle you could simulate almost everything ropey!!!

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Actually, this was an extract from a Gui Physics engine I was making. Hence, the max and min bend theta/length don’t exist. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add it before release :slight_smile:

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