Rope Constraint without physics?

I want to be able to use the Rope Constraint without it being affected by physics (effectively being render only).

This is definitely possible, because using Rope Constraints in tools as visuals renders them properly but does not apply physics. The question is, how do you do this outside of tools?

For context I have a rope tool that’s supposed to render only the rope alone (without being limited by it’s length) by creating an invisible part with an attachment, connecting the rope from the tool to the handle attachment and the part attachment and parenting it to the workspace.

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Do you want your ‘rope’ to be straight between the Parts, or hang due to gravity?

If it’s straight just use a SpringConstraint with the Forces set to 0 and change the Diameter to 0 so it acts like a rope between points, but if the distance changes it will still go from Attachment to Attachment.

For a hanging rope maybe try to figure a way to change the length if the RopeConstraint to the current length + 5% of the current length and keep checking the value.
I’m not sure but maybe it’s a property that can be tweened for smoother visual appearance when it changes.