Rope Constraints can’t be rotated anymore?

Hello everyone,

Wondering if you can help me out or clarify something. In previous studio updates before the new geometric tools update, it was possible to rotate rope constraints how you wanted, is there still a possible way to do that. I’ve tried to rotate the attachment which is how you originally were allowed to do it. I’ve also tried rotating the part and it still doesn’t seem to rotate the rope.

Is this an intended feature that was patched or was it something that was missed to attachments?

If anyone has any knowledge on this, would be most appreciated.



I don’t think it’s possible to rotate ropes anymore. In my experience with them, I’ve never really had to rotate them in the first place, which makes me wonder why you need to rotate them. In any case, you could just mess around with the attachments position. It won’t look as good as normal ropes but it could still look semi-decent. If there is indeed a way to rotate them, I’d actually like to know myself anyways.

i guess you can try rotating the attachment that connects the rope?