Rope Constraints Causing input lag between 2 Players

I’ve tried so many options when connecting two players with a rope constraint to no avail. The issue is with NetworkOwnership causing one player to have ownership over both as the two players connected via rope are counted as “one”. I’ve tried so many methods, trying to use heartbeat to set ownership, making most active player have ownership or even giving my server the ownership etc but no matter what there will be some sort of input delay for one or both characters. Any one have any idea how games like altitortue have come up with a solution to get around this issue?

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Anyone have any idea how to get around this issue?

Maybe show us the code you currently have, also by input delay you mean just movement right?

Yes, the main problem is the fact that connecting two players with a rope constraint will make it so only one player will gain network ownership of both, it isnt a script issue but a roblox issue i guess, im just asking if anyone has encountered this and have found a solution. i show you what i mean:
not connected:


basically one player will have unplayable input lag

Also all the script does is connect players in a team with a rope by placing attachments then attaching players with the constraint

This has to do with network ownership, i think the only way to make them work is to make a rope on the server, but only make it visible, then make two actual working ropes on the client side.

(i’m not sure if im right)

I did try this but the players end up having desynchronised movement meaning one player on their screen will move but the character wont, but on the other players screen player1 is moving, i dont know how to get around this but its a good solution

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If you do have a working workaround id appreciate it