RopeConstraint Wind Simulation (kind of)

While looking for ways to spice up my team’s game, I looked at the wind and thought “why doesn’t this affect ropes?”. I didn’t actually think that, I just thought that would make for a cool story. Anyways.

This is the, mostly basic, code:

--[[ for an automatic setup, paste this in your command bar:
local folder ='Folder'); folder.Name = 'WindAffectedRopes'; folder.Parent = workspace; for _, v in ipairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do if v:IsA('RopeConstraint') then v.Parent = folder end end

-- services
local TweenService = game:GetService('TweenService')
local Players = game:GetService('Players')

-- instances
local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

local SimSettings = {
	-- the folder where the script looks for ropes (just drag your ropeconstraints in there, it won't break anything)
	Folder = workspace:WaitForChild('WindAffectedRopes'),
	-- the tween settings for the ropes
	TweeningInfo =, Enum.EasingStyle.Quad, Enum.EasingDirection.InOut, -1, true),
	-- i recommend leaving this value as is
	Amount = 0.1,
	-- the distance between each rope and the player when ropes stop moving
	MaxDist = 20

-- script-controlled variables
local ropes = {}
local tweens = {}

for _, rope in ipairs(SimSettings.Folder:GetChildren()) do
	if rope:IsA('RopeConstraint') then
		local oldLength = rope.Length
		local tween = TweenService:Create(rope, SimSettings.TweeningInfo, {Length = oldLength-SimSettings.Amount})
		table.insert(ropes, rope)
		table.insert(tweens, tween)

while task.wait(1) do
	for _, rope in ipairs(ropes) do
		local dist = (rope.Attachment0.WorldPosition - Camera.CFrame.Position).Magnitude
		if dist > SimSettings.MaxDist then

Basically, it just tweens your rope’s length by SimSettings.Amount less, to give the impression that it’s swaying around in the wind, since we can’t actually rotate ropes.

Unless you’re a maniac and want to perform this on the server, make a LocalScript in
imageimage, then paste this code in there.

Once you’re done, this is optional, but you can also use the command bar with the following code to automatically set things up:

local folder ='Folder'); folder.Name = 'WindAffectedRopes'
folder.Parent = workspace

for _, v in ipairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do 
    if v:IsA('RopeConstraint') then 
       v.Parent = folder 

Tinker with the settings to see what you like. This is what the default looks like, the rope’s length is 20:

This is too good not to make public. Enjoy your slightly more sentient ropes!

Boatbomber's wind module, if you want those trail effects too

Wind Shake: High performance wind effect for leaves and foliage



Is my very awesome script too much for your potato PC? Fear not, as I have added …mostly useless optimization!

Basically, it checks the distance between the camera and the Attachment0 of the RopeConstraint, and if it’s more then 20 (or the MaxDist you specified), it will pause the tweening.

In something like my team’s game (with over a million parts in the actual world), this will be very useful as tweens aren’t the most performant. Enjoy,



i have geniually never thought of anything like this
absoulutely thank you for making this public!!!

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Thank you!
I will most likely use this in my game.

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Sweet! Thanks for open-sourcing it, time to use this

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Imma use this. Putting this here so I can find this later

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Oh my this is so nice. I’m putting a reminder here so I won’t have to search for hours for this again