Roping Player With Anchored Part

Hi, I am experiencing issues using RopeConstraints.

So I am trying to drag a player with a rope constraint attached to an anchored part. The part drags the player with Tween Service. When the player is connected to the anchored part via rope constrain, the part tweens some distance. My intention is for the player to move with the part but this only happens on the client.

When the anchored part is moving using tweening service, the player is dragged with the part ONLY on the client. When switching to the server view, the player seems to be frozen while the anchored part moves. Once the part is finished tweening, the player on the server’s side teleports where the player is on the client.

Below is the player’s position on the client during the tween

Below is the player’s position on the Server during the tween

I am confused why this happens, I thought the player’s client position always replicates to the server but it seems to stop replicating while the part is tweening. Here is a model I created that replicates this bug: RopePart - Roblox
Just hit the part and watch as the player only moves position on the client.

The issue disappears if you unanchor the part. (but this creates other problems)

All other players see the player’s position on the server and not the client’s position. I am not sure if Roblox is aware of this and if the engine is suppose to be preventing the replication of the player’s position but, I cannot get around this issue.

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Edit: I’ve been experimenting with “hacky” methods to making this work. I’ve decided to set NetworkOwnership to the server so that all other players see the character being dragged along the ground with the rope but the client of the one being dragged cannot see the movement. When attempting to clone the player’s character on his client I found that the character standing on top of the original/real one causes the physics to wake up. Enabling the “Are Awake Parts Highlighted” setting in the Physics Setting shows this.

While another humanoid stands on the dragged player:

When the humanoid that stands on the player is deleted:

I still have no solid solution to this problem but, I hope this helps.