Rosome Tech - In-Flight Entertainment System Setup Guide

Here’s a quick guide as to how to setup your Rosome Tech In-Flight Entertainment System!

Step One: Installation

If you don’t already have your product in your game, please refer to where you retrieved the product for further instructions.

If you already have it in your game, please ignore this step.

Step Two: Open the Product Folder


All you have to do for this step is click on the arrow next to the folder.

Step Three: ReplicatedStorage

Place RTIFE1, RTIFE2, and RTIFESettings into ReplicatedStorage by selecting them all, then clicking and dragging it all to ReplicatedStorage

Step Four: ServerStorage

Place Amenities Kit, Lunar Lander, RoMaze, Sleeping Kit, and Teddy Bear into ServerStorage by selecting them all, then clicking and dragging it to ServerStorage.

Step Five: StarterGui

Place RTIFECore, ifeAdmin, ifeGui, and notownedGui into StarterGui by selecting them all, then clicking and dragging it to StarterGui.

Step Six: ServerScriptService

Place RTIFEServer into ServerScriptService by selecting it, then clicking and dragging it to ServerScriptService.

Step Seven: Configuring it to your Group

Open up the RTIFESettings script you placed in ReplicatedStorage by double clicking it and then follow its instructions to configure your In-Flight Entertainment System to your group.

You can place the In-Flight Entertainment System model anywhere.

Then, you’re all set, your In-Flight Entertainment System should now be working!